Making a treasure chest

Treasure chest tinkering made easy - with template for downloading and printing.

All hands on deck and the treasure chest secured! We show you how you can easily make your own treasure chest. Hide your belongings in this treasure chest and pirates have no chance to steal from you! Ahoy you landlubbers and light sailors!

Making a treasure chest - this is how it works

To make a treasure chest you need

  • cardboard
  • Poster colour in brown, black, white and gold
  • two by 15 cm cords
  • Liquid adhesives and adhesive tapes
  • scissors

Handicraft instructions treasure chest

  1. Cut a piece of cardboard with side lengths of 45 cm and 30 cm

  2. Draw sections on the cardboard and cut them to size as in picture 1

  3. The dark red marked areas are glued areas. Fold the individual sections of the cardboard and glue them together to form a box.

  4. Picture 2: Cut a second piece of cardboard with sides 15 cm and 25 cm long - this will be the lid of the treasure chest. Attach a 6 cm long strip of cardboard in the middle of one of the 15 cm long sides - this will be the closure of the treasure chest.

  5. Glue the lid (at the gluing spot) to the top of the back wall of the treasure chest.

  6. Cut a 4 cm long slit in the middle of the front side of the treasure chest. Through this flap you can push the lock off the lid to close the chest.

  7. The shell of the treasure chest is ready! Let the glue dry well, then the decorating can begin. Give the treasure chest a brown paint and decorate it with black to make it look wooden. With gold and white paint you can paint details on the chest, like hinges, the clasp and skulls.

  8. In order to transport the treasure chest safely, carefully cut 2 small holes in the side walls, through which you then pull the cords - these are the carrying handles.

The treasure chest is ready! Quickly stow your belongings in the treasure chest - and then off to the next sea adventure!

Making a treasure chest - template for download & print

Treasure chest handicraft - Template 1 [ PDF ]
Treasure chest handicraft - Template 2 [ PDF ]

Crafting tip: Cover the inside of the treasure chest with red cloth, then it will look even more like a pirate treasure chest!

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