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Making masks - whether for carnival or birthday. Whether animal masks tinker, carnival masks tinker or Venetian masks tinker. Go and see if these masks are for you too. Making masks with children - simple and fast.

Making animal masks

With these masks made of paper plates you move in style in the realm of the animals. Whether small and cute like the rabbit or big and dangerous like the bear, every child can create its perfect animal mask.

Making animal masks - you need:

  • paper plate
  • Clay paper in different colours
  • Black felt tip pen
  • Coloured paper straws
  • Basic material: scissors, glue stick, tape, brush
  • craft colour
  • kribbelbunte craft template with all ears etc

Making simple animal masks - the instruction:

You can find the ears and everything else as a template in our craft template. First you take the paper plate and cut it in half. Then paint the convex side of the paper plate in the colour of your pet. After the paint has dried, paint the holes for the eyes. The best way to help yourself is to use an item, so that the peepholes are all the same size. Then carefully cut out the circles, preferably with small, curved nail scissors.

Making a bear mask

For the bear you now cut out 2 ears from the dark brown clay box. The outlines you paint on the light brown clay cardboard and draw a smaller ear in the big ear, which stands out from the dark brown one and represents the inner ear of the bear. The outer and the inner ear are then simply glued together and the finished ears are then glued to the paper plate from behind.

Just attach the straw to the inside of the mask, preferably with glue and tape, and your animal mask is ready! It is best to use additional Sellotape so that the ears are well held. For the bear's snout you need a circle from the dark brown clay cardboard, this should have a diameter of at least 5 cm. The bear's snout sticks its middle between the eyes. It's best if it sticks out from under the edge of the mask. With the black felt-tip pen you paint on the bear's snout and the bear is ready.

Making a rabbit mask

For the rabbit mask you only need to cut out the rabbit spoons from another paper plate. If you also use the curvature of the plate, your ears will have a cute bend. You use the pink craft color to paint the inner ear of the bunny. You're also painting the bunny's cheeks pink. When the ears are dry, stick them centrally on the back of the paper plate and fix everything with Sellotape.

With a black felt-tip pen you paint the black nose of the rabbit and from the black cardboard you cut out six long, thin whiskers. They can be of different lengths. You stick these then with Tesa or glue beside the nose of the rabbit. Just attach the straw to the inside of the mask, preferably with glue and tape, and your animal mask is ready!

Making a elephant mask

Just attach the straw to the inside of the mask, preferably with glue and tape, and your animal mask is ready! For the elephant mask you draw the ears on grey clay cardboard, cut them out and stick them on the back of the mask. Reinforce with Sellotape. You paint the trunk on the grey clay cardboard. Cut it out and stick it between your eyes.

Making a panda mask

Reinforce with Sellotape. For the panda you need the ears first of all. Again, paint the ears on black clay cardboard, cut them out and glue them to the back of the mask.

Just attach the straw to the inside of the mask, preferably with glue and tape, and your animal mask is ready! For the typical panda eyes, take the object you used to draw the eyes and place it on the black clay cardboard. Then paint the black panda eyes, cut them out (don't forget the peepholes) and stick the black fur pattern on the eyes. Finally cut out the small black muzzle and stick it to the mask.

Making Venetian masks

With the Venetian masks, you're golden in Venice or in Brazil. The feathers and glitter make the mask special.

Making Venetian masks - you need:

  • paper plate
  • Glitter
  • sequins
  • glue
  • Different colours glitter ribbon
  • wooden stick (pencil length)
  • Venetian Masks - Template
  • Sellotape

Making Venetian masks - the instruction:

Glue one side of the tape and wrap it 1/4 around the rod and glue the end there as well. First print out the mask template and draw it on the paper plate. Then you fold the paper plate and cut the paper plate to size and cut out the eye holes. Then border the eyes with the glue and glue the sequins on. After you have glued the sequins on, you glue the feathers on. Let the glue dry and take care of the wooden stick.

Then continue with the next colour, until half and third wind another quarter in the third colour. Leave a quarter, we'll need it later. Turn the meanwhile dried mask over and reinforce the middle piece with an additional piece of cardboard. Glue the stick to the free quarter using cardboard and Sellotape. And ready is your mask for the elegant masked ball.

Making carnival masks

The carnival masks are made very simple. With the help of your hand you can make individual carnival masks. As only you can make them.

Making carnival masks - you need:

  • Coloured paper
  • White paper
  • Pencils
  • glue

Making carnival masks - the instruction:

Fold the coloured paper once in half. On one half of the paper you trace a handprint very close to the edge. Cut out this hand print without unfolding the paper. Only after you have cut out your handprint, unfold the paper. Then you draw the peepholes for your eyes.

Next, glue a small piece of paper to the place where the nose is located to reinforce this area. Afterwards you can move your hand as you like. You can trace the fingers, cut out and glue on fingernails and decorate the eyes. The sky's the limit.

Then fold a Din A4 sheet on the long side and tear the paper apart. From the two halves of the Din A4 sheet you roll the stick for your mask. Glue it to the inside of the mask and the carnival mask is finished with your handprint.

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